digital menu boards
digital menu boards
digital menu boards
digital menu boards

digital menu boards

Digital Menu Boards - Quick Service Restaurants

Create dynamic and attractive digital menu boards that grab your audience’s attention and gives your business a competitive advantage.

With our Digital Menu Board software, making nationwide creative menu changes and price adjustments is a breeze.

Digital Menu Boards dynamically delivers the right message in HD at the right time to the right customer. Be it on one screen in one location or across multiple screens in multiple locations nationwide, real-time adjustments is a click away and helps you stay ahead of your competition.

With the flexibility to change your Digital Menu Boards instantly, day-parting and customized scheduling, you can advertise and promote specific items for local targeting or national targeting, thus maximizing targeted sales.

Digital Menu Boards can help your business in a myriad of ways from enhancing the overall customer experience, to influencing your customer’s behaviour at the point of sale. Digital Menu Boards enhances your brand, and is seen as innovation and keeping up with the times.

Schedule and showcase the products that you want to “push”. Link stocked items and till pricing to your digital display. Update content either in-house or remotely from any computer.

Our Digital Menu Board software will eliminate your need to rotate static menu boards to reflect day-parting; and also eliminate costly print and distribute costs associated with static signs each time your menu changes, saving printing and distribution costs along with time it takes staff to insert posters.

Together with its proven ability to increase ticket size, cross-sell and up-sell, Digital Menus Boards can day-part and schedule your promotions during peak periods.

Some benefits

  • Automatically day-part your menu offerings into your chosen day-parts.
  • Use eye-catching and mouth-watering dynamic video to make your products stand out and sell.
  • Change your creative, pricing and menu offerings remotely, easily and in minutes.
  • Influence your customers’ decision making at the moment of choice.
  • Increase customers ticket sales by cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Easily test your promotions and price points.
  • Display nutritional information requirements.
  • Decrease or eliminate your print and distribution costs, together with staff costs associated with physically changing posters.
  • Automate with interactive kiosks.
  • Make your message ACTIONABLE, able to both change customer behavior and change itself based on predictive analytics and your own predefined goals. Learn more about Advanced Analytics

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